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HGH Scams

HGH Scams

When a product becomes popular many of its clones also hit the market. Because of the rise in the usage of internet now a days more of these clone product are found on net. On the internet you might find thousands of websites that are willing to sell you HGH products. They might sell you these products in so minimal cost that you will not be able to resist yourself from buying it. When DR. Daniel Rudman was preparing a test on these products he found that none of the products contained HGH for sale not even in minute quantities. All those products came out to be false. Some products those were available on sites only claimed that they trigger the HGH in the body. But they all are false products. Only a few percentages of products that available on sites are genuine.

Well there are some natural and some synthetic products and factors that do trigger HGH secretion in the body. Natural factors can be enhanced naturally by exercising and food but synthetic factors are triggered by drugs or injections. These factors are given to the body through injections. If a person is HGH deficient then the doctor will administer him with the injection of HGH. All the products that are available on the sites are not clinically tested thus their identity and effects are always not up to the mark. Some products are available that has HGH but no GHG thus produce some effects. Even potency loss is seen in some patients. These side effects are observed in many cases but potency loss and such side effects are observed in many few people.

The HGH products cannot be given without a prescription thus all those products that are selling them to you are all false. It is illegal to sell a HGH product without a prescription. Some online products do contain HGH but in a form good for plants but not humans.   Always keep in mind the original prescription of a HGH is always expensive. It is not a cheap drug thus those who are selling it to you in les prices are selling you the ineffective or the false product. You have to make sure that you are not falling prey to any of the false products because such products can even trigger some extreme side effects in the body.  In case you do not which product to buy and which not to buy then in such cases you should always consult a doctor or a specialist. These people will give you the right prescription so that you can buy a correct product.

These treatments are not at all cheap. You have to spend some big bucks to use this great service. Annual cost of the HGH treatment comes to about 10,000$. Everyone cannot buy these products because of its expensiveness. Therefore who so ever is selling you a HGH product in cheap amounts is giving you a wrong product. In case you will buy these products you may have to face some serious side effects. Thus keep in mind these precautions when you are buying any of such products. Even the government has stated that online HGH products are not good for humans. Thus buy a prescribed HGH product only.  Buying such approved products will ensure that you are not risking your health. These products will not provide you negative effects.

Many people fall prey to these HGH scams because they were blown by the cheap prices that these sites were offering them. The result was off course negative. It is thus advised to get a good medication. It will be expensive but you will be cured for a better life.

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